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Championship Manager 5

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Championship Manager 5
Championship Manager 5
Championship Manager 5

Championship Manager 5 is a football manager, which for a moment allow us to become an important businessman in the sports industry and lead his team to victory.

Beginning the game we’ll see clear, easy to read interface where we can pick your team, and then move on to some of the more detailed options. From the very beginning we have easy access to news, the composition of the team, or made transfers. Unfortunately we cant’s see here the real names of the current players from different countries. We dare to say that a lot of the information is outdated.

Fortunately, authors of the game up to date it through the patches which are downloadable from the Internet. Every player who will be a member of our team has statistics that individual values may reach a maximum of 100 points. As will be seen in the course of the competition, unfortunately, it doesn't lead to win on pitch - the results of training anyhow will be random.

Part of the training was much better constructed, which can intensify the exercise from light, medium-sized, up to intense. Any action on the pitch don’t have anything with fact what we have developed during the period before the championships. The pitch, which we will observe consists only different colored pieces that despite previous assumptions in no way carry out assigned suggestions.

Footballers have soft feet, don't accelerate, and when found close to the gate - kick the ball directly to the goalkeeper. Goals can only be got through the cross or from a distance. Championship Manager 5 has also underdeveloped system of judges - poorly rated behavior on the pitch is nothing new. Similarly, the underdone translations, which sometimes don't say anything what we see on the screen, especially in the mouth commentators.

A large disadvantage is also the too easy replace players between the clubs transfers. If only budget allows us to do it, we can just buy to the team almost everyone , even top-class player. If you want to mention about the advantages, there should be recalled quite pleasing to the eye graphic design and the ability to change skins.

Also scoreboards and others load change relatively quickly, which makes it easier to play. Unfortunately, this ends up a list of positives and despite the sincere wishes of this manager's views, it can’t be successful. Lack of realism, the tragic and misguided translate modifications prevail over a nice look and a good game engine.

  • License: Demo
  • Producer: Beautiful Game Studios
  • Language: English
  • Filesize: 75,3 MB
  • Requirements: CPU: Pentium III 700 MHz, RAM: 256 MB, GPU: 8 MB.
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