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Jazz Jackrabbit 2

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Jazz Jackrabbit 2

If you are in a good mood to take part in wild journey with green rabbit through the past, then feel free to enjoy the popular many years ago, arcade game - Jazz Jackrabbit 2! Finish as many routes and platforms as you can, and leave all the enemies far behind.

Wonderful dynamism and retro vibe will attract you to the screen for hours. Compared to the first part - you will find here a new, refreshed graphics and the option to install on PC with one of two operating systems. If this is your first meeting with a mad rabbit we should explain you that you won’t find here any plot, but rather a mix of arcade-platform challenges!

During the game you will focus exclusively on the action: returning precision strokes and shooting to approaching enemies. Innovation in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 which worked in this tittle favor is that you can choose one of the three characters: Jazz, Spaz and Lori. Even though your decision doesn’t as such affect the course of the play, the mere fact of variety enriches the content of the game.

Moreover, the second episode is divided into several mission chapters, differing from each in terms of audiovisual effects. Surely everyone will find something for themselves - in the jungle, the vast waters or in wintry weather. In addition, you'll also find a set of levels which are the result of playing with in-game editor , made by diehard fans of crazy rabbit.

Turtles, monkeys, crabs ... and even bees are just a few of the many examples of enemies, which we will face with. Out of combat, you should focus on collecting valuable bonuses, carrots, and many other subjects which allows you to survive. Use the launchers, trampolines and other objects for easy movement of the of large maps.

Choose whether you want to deal with crazy challenges Jazz Jackrabbit 2 alone, or perhaps you would prefer to invite your friends to play with. Three game modes - from one to four players allows everyone to find something for themselves. Cooperation, battle, race or treasure hunt are only a part of the options that open up a gate to this fantastic world.

Despite the fact that the graphics aren’t very nice and is resolution is limited to 640x480 pixels, Jazz Jackrabbit has its own climate. Most fans of this tittle from Epic Games studio are sure to remember the first part of the game available only for DOS. Do you want to try your hand at one of the best platform games ever? Download absolutely free the full version on your PC now!

  • License: Freeware
  • Producer: Epic Games
  • Language: English
  • Filesize: 42,4 MB
  • Requirements: CPU: Pentium 166 MHz, RAM: 16MB.
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